How to Style a Hat Wall

Fedora's & floppy hats, not only are they a cute and stylish accessory to own but they also double as multifunctional decor. Do you have an empty wall you're dying to fill? A hat wall is a great way to make a statement while also conserving precious closet space. The best part is, there are many different ways you can style your hats, depending on how many you have and how much space you're working with, to make it feel unique! 

Ultimately I ended up going with an overlapping triangle placing my largest hat on top and two smaller hats on the bottom. I love that I still have room to add more hats to the wall if I choose.

The Overlaping Triangle

minimalistic bedroom with triangle shaped hat wall

Here are some of my other favorites I stumbled upon when deciding on how to style my own hat wall. 

The Straight Line 

hat wall in a straight line
The Asymmetrical Trio 

bohemian bedroom with styled hat wall
The Diagonal 
hat wall and minimalistic bedroom
The Accordion Hanger 
accordion hanger and hats

The Clothesline Hanger
diy hat wall

As you can see, there is no wrong way to style your hat wall. Use what you've got and create something uniquely you to fit your space. Happy planning! 


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