One Room Challenge | $300 Budget Bathroom Makeover

The moment we have all been waiting for, it's REVEAL DAY!!! As a first time participant, I had so much fun participating in this years One Room Challenge. I have met so many different and inspiring people throughout this process. So please be sure to take a minute to check out all the other incredible transformations by clicking here. Now, without further ado lets talk about the bathroom transformation! 

Here was my moodboard inspiration

This bathroom was done on a budget, a $300 budget to be exact! And as much as I would have loved a new vanity or new countertops that just wasn't doable for us right now. And guess what? That's ok! We were confident we could make some big changes in here without spending a lot and I am so proud to say we completely crushed that goal. So if you're willing to be creative and work with what you've got you can create a space you love because, not everyone can afford a full blown renovation. Below is the price breakdown for the entire bathroom project. We came in right at $300 exactly! I hope this goes to show you that improving and updating your spaces does not have to cost you thousands of dollars!

Light fixture: $79.99
Bathroom faucet: $59.99 
Epoxy spray paint: $6.49
2 quarts of Behr paint: $39.96
Towel hooks: $20.00
Leather strips: $4.99
Bath mats: $19.99 
Paper towel holder: $11.98 
Hand towel hook: $13.99
Hardware: $42.99 

Initially I was scared to paint the beadboard a darker color for fear of making the bathroom appear even darker than it already was. Having no natural lighting in here proved to be quite the challenge. However, I stuck with my gut and went for it. I used Behr marquee paint and primer, my go to paint, in "Brooklyn" and I'm so glad that I did. This color is the most perfect blend of blue and green tones, I absolutely love it! I repainted the dingy tan walls with Behr "Ultra White" and it completely balanced out and brightened the space even with the addition of some darker paint!

I think one of the most impactful changes we made in this space was upgrading the vanity. Although they didn't come out perfect, the spray painted white countertops made SUCH a difference. I used Rust-Oleum appliance epoxy spray paint in white and it has proved very durable thus far! Adding the paint and new hardware helped to finish the look. I was very pleased with the hardware I purchased from Amazon. It came with both a combination of pulls and knobs and the price point was unbeatable, considering I got 27 pieces! They have held up great thus far. To top off the newly revamped vanity, I purchased a Glacier Bay faucet from Home Depot. For only $60 I would say it was well worth the money. My only grievance with this faucet is how often it needs cleaned, fingerprints show very easily. Updating the vanity completely changed this space from old and outdate to sleek and refreshed. This is a great place to start if you're looking to update your bathroom. 

Next up was the light fixture, it had to go. I wanted something simple and elegant that would tie together my black and gold accents but didn't feel full blown "modern." This fixture from Amazon hit the nail on the head. A trick I've learned is to use cool white light bulbs rather than soft white, especially in areas without natural light. This will help give the space a more natural and bright feel in terms of lighting. What a difference it made in here! 

Now for the fun part, all the little details! I choose to go with some matte black pieces to balance out the gold hardware and faucet. I purchased the hand towel hook and paper towel holder from Amazon and love their modern sleek design. I found the bath towel hooks at Target from the Hearth and Hand collection. Their simplistic and minimal design was exactly what I was looking for. Moving the towels from behind the door to the wall and using separate towel hooks really helped create a more organized and simplistic feel. 

I loved creating this floating shelf. It was the perfect filler to this large empty space and it was so quick and easy to make. I already had the shelf and was able to repurpose it with the addition of some leather strips from Michael's. All the decor used on the shelf and vanity were things I already had which helped keep us within our budget. I did however splurge on new bathmats. For just $20 this matching BHG bathmat set from Walmart added some neutral texture to the space. I'm currently unable to find a link to this product but am actively searching and will update the post if I find it!

So there it is guys, I did all of this for $300! Although we have plans for a larger renovation down the road, this will do just fine for now. Don't ever under estimate the power of some hard work and DIY's, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish. 

Thank you so much for following along and being a part of this One Room Challenge with me. I've linked all the previous posts below for your reference. 

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