How I Transformed My RV Bathroom for Under $125

What started off as a dull and drab bathroom has transformed into my favorite part of this tiny home. As many of you know, Drew and I are working on paying down our student loan debt (you can read about our debt free journey here) so it was imperative we kept our renovation budget to a minimum. I didn't complete this project all at once. I took my time, adding pieces little by little until it finally felt "complete." Contrary to popular belief, renovations do not happen over night nor should they, especially when you're ballin on a budget. 

Here's where we started. 
RV Bathroom Before

Step 1 was accenting the main wall. I wanted to add some texture to this very blank and bare space. So rather than paint, I opted for tile. Due to the fact that we live in a RV and were working on a budget, real tile was out of the question. My friends at Tic Tac Tiles were kind enough to send me all the product I needed for our bathroom. Having used Tic Tac Tiles in my previous RV I knew this would be a great go to due to both the quality and cost. Inspired by my friend Kirsten (you can check her out on Instagram @doherty_digs and trust me, you need to check her out), I chose to go with the hexa mono white design. It retails for $35.98 per 10 sheets, each sheet covers 10"x10" and you can find it here

Bathroom Renovation Progress
Photo Credit: Kirsten Doherty
I love the way the tile helped add in a ton of texture and brighten up the space. After completing the tile placement I rehung the original mirror but quickly realized it just wasn't right. It felt awkward and attention grabbing. Before even thinking about getting a new mirror I attempted to spray paint the original mirror. I thought maybe it was the chrome frame that was throwing me off but lord have mercy, my spray paint job was a total fail. And guess what, that's okay. It's okay to try something and fail. It's how we grow and how we learn. 

RV Bathroom Renovation Progress

I finally accepted, it was time for a new mirror. I wanted something unique and something different. I gave myself a $25 budget which was limiting but not impossible. I searched for weeks on Amazon until I stumbled upon this beauty and from there I was sold. For $21.99 this macrame mirror met every criteria I had in mind. 

RV Bathroom Makeover

Ok so now for the fun part. The mirror and tile added all the texture this little space was missing it just needed to be styled as it was still rather sad and empty looking. Cue a faux plant arrangement I created using products from the dollar store, an air plant from Aldi, macrame plant hangers from amazon and faux plants from Ikea. Do you see a trend here... all the plants. 

Boho RV Bathroom Renovation

Just when I thought I was finished... I realized that due to my minor plant obsession, I was eating up a ton of the counter space. I had some leftover materials from another project and thats when the idea hit me. A floating shelf. That was the final missing piece. I went outside, sanded, washed and stained some wood, spray painted leftover L shaped brackets and screws we already had and waited for them to dry. Once mounted, I styled the shelf with items we use every day including hand soap, cotton balls and Q tips in cute functional containers. I used an oil jar we already had and filled it with dried grass I collected from a recent hike. Finally, this space felt complete. 

RV Bathroom Renovation under $125

Great things take time ya'll. This transformation occurred over a span of 6 months but cost me less than $125 if you include the retail price of the tiles! So let me break it down for you. 

Mirror (Amazon) - $22 
Faux plants (Ikea) - $15
Macrame plant hangers (Amazon) - $10 
DIY faux plant and jar (Dollar Tree) - $3 
Glass jar (Dollar Tree) - $1 
White hexagon jar (T.J.Maxx) - $4

Tic Tac Tiles collaboration - $0 
-retail cost would have been $70 

All this to show you that you truly can create a home that you love regardless of the size of your budget. 


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