5 Holiday Mantel Ideas and Inspiration

The holiday season is here and in full force! If you're feeling "behind" on decorating, don't!  I don't know about you guys, but I felt like everyone around me started decorating crazy early this year! Which is totally ok!!! I am a huge supporter of doing whatever lights your fire. But for me personally, my family has always decorated the day after Thanksgiving and I wanted to stick to that sweet tradition of mine. I personally know it can be so easy to fall into the comparison trap and to feel like you have to keep up with those around you. Whether that be decorating early or buying pieces to fit the newest holiday decor trend. It's only human to compare ourselves to our peers. But everyones story is different. Some people are knee deep in work this season, some are on tight budgets; so whatever your story is just know that you aren't alone. There's still 21 days until Christmas and plenty of time to sprinkle some holiday cheer throughout your home! Here are 5 simple and easy ideas, filled with DIY's or thrift store finds that can be used to spruce up your mantel or add to any open shelving for the Christmas season. PS if you missed it, don't forget to check out my step by step instructions on how to create your own DIY faux mantel!

Simplistic Faux Garland for your Holiday Mantel
I crafted this faux pine garland last year using artificial pine cones and red berries from Target's Wondershop. Add in some taper candles and stockings and this small space feels cozy and complete. Sometimes less is truly more. 

Thrifted finds to create a holiday themed mantel
I love this fun and unique set up. Old empty photo frames, taper candles, bead garland, some off center greenery and stockings make this a simple and easy holiday set up. There are tons of DIY bead garland tutorials out there. Go thrift some old frames and taper candle holders and you've got yourself inexpensive holiday decor. 

Unique Christmas Decor for Mantel
These mirrors are an instant attention grabber, the different styles, sizes and shapes draw you in immediately! Throw in some taper candles (I think we're seeing a trend here) baby Christmas trees and garland make for minimalistic and fun holiday decor!

Simplistic Holiday Decor for Mantel
This is truly a minimalist set up. Who would've thought garland, a eucalyptus wreath and a "Merry Christmas" banner, that you could easily DIY, are all you need to transform your home for the holidays!?

Cozy Mantel covered in Holiday Decor
I love the personalized name tags that go with these stockings. What a fun DIY project that would be! Throw in some bead garland, a holiday themed sign, fun holiday letter board quote and some adorable baby Christmas trees and you are sure to exude holiday cheer!

I hope this helped spark some holiday decor inspiration you can use to complete decorating your home for this upcoming season. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xoxo.


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