Vintage Bathroom Makeover

    We did it, we finally transformed our upstairs bathroom into the coziest, tranquil, boho sanctuary imaginable. I drew my inspiration for this entire bathroom project from the colors in this beautiful vintage Turkish rug gifted to me by my friend Liz of Six Vintage Rugs. The colors are warm and inviting and remind me of the many desert sunsets Drew and I experienced during our time spent in Phoenix, Arizona. I wanted to maintain the vintage look of this space while simultaneously feeling as if I was soaking in a desert hot spring, watching the golden hour sunbeams light up the world around me. A little bit of paint, new tub hardware from Vintage Tub and Bath and some DIY shelves and towel hooks elevated this space to its fullest potential. The charm was always here but this space was previously rather cold and uninviting. Now, I truly can't think of a better spot in the house to relax and unwind. 

bathroom remodel before

vintage bathroom remodel

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    This Kohler tub was an instant selling point for me when touring the house. Our contractor believes it to be original to the home which was built in 1928, how cool is that?! I desperately wanted to create a tub/shower combo as this is the only bathroom on the second floor. However, after an exhaustive search I quickly realized a ceiling suspended shower was out of the question due to the angle of the ceiling. That is where Vintage Bath and Tub came in. They provided me with this stunning tub wall mounted faucet set in chrome. The design is both beautiful and classic, maintaining the vintage charm of the tub. The hand held shower attachment provided an easy solution to my shower dilemma and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the faucet.

Vintage Tub Faucet

Bubble Bath

    Now that I had solved the issue of updating the faucet hardware I was left with a very limited budget of $100 so I had to find a way to make a big impact with little associated cost. To do so I chose paint colors that tied in my vintage rug and created my own floating shelves and towel hooks. All paint colors used are by Behr. The walls are painted with Ultra Pure White, the beadboard is Loft Light and the tub is Smoke Bush Rose. Looking back, I was definitely nervous but I am so glad I decided to go with a "bold" color to highlight the beauty of this cast iron tub, it now feels like the true focal point of the space. 

Bathroom remodel before photo

Vintage Bathroom

    Swapping out the faucet and light fixture weren't in the budget but I knew I could craft something to replace the boring towel rack. I decided to create towel hooks using a 1 in dowel rod. I cut the pegs at roughly a 45 deg angle using my Ryobi circular saw. I then made a pilot hole and used pliers to insert a dowel screw which I was then able to screw into the beadboard. With plenty of dowel left over, I decided to create some simple floating shelves using four 5 in long dowel pegs and two pieces of 36" x 4" x 1" pine board. These had to have been the easiest floating shelves I have ever put together and I love how they serve as functional storage and fill this previously large empty space. 

DIY bathroom shelves

DIY bathroom projects

    I will forever stand behind the notion that transforming your home doesn't require a ton of money but rather plenty of patience, DIYs and creativity. I hope this inspires you to go out and tackle that space you've been dreaming of updating. I'll be over here cheering you on, every step of the way. 

vintage bathroom remodel

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me in the comments or shoot me a DM on Instagram @e_inspiredhome and be sure to follow along for more simple and affordable DIYs.


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