DIY Wall Decor

Are you looking to fill some empty space on your walls but don't want to spend a fortune on pieces of home decor? Well these DIY yarn wall hangings are the perfect solution. They are a great way to pass the time and easy to make, plus they're super affordable. But the best part is, you can customize your piece to fit your space! All you need to get started is a metal embroidery hoop (I got mine from Michael's) or even a stick will do, some different color yarn, a measuring tape and scissors, that's it! I got my inspiration from Pinterest (you can view here on my previous post) and from there came up with my own little color scheme and pattern. The possibilities are truly endless. You can keep it as simple or as intricate as you'd like! Some fun add ons to consider are fresh florals or beads. Here is a little step by step tutorial of how I created my piece.

DIY wall decor supplies
Required supplies

Step 1: Pick your length
Start by adding your center piece and tie the yarn to the hoop, be sure to knot it tightly (I did 3 to be safe). Don't worry about the excess, we'll deal with that later. Now, using your measuring tape cut the yarn at your desired length.

yarn crafts
DIY wall decor

Step 2: Add strands 
Continue adding yarn strands in whatever color pattern you choose until you reach your desired thickness. You can continue to use your measuring tape however, I found it easier to simply line up my new strand with the previous and cut it to the same length.

Embroidery hoop crafts

*Note that you are working from the back, so whatever is on the left side of your hoop will end up being on the right when you go to hang your piece. This ensures all the knots will be hidden.

DIY yarn wall decor
Make sure all knots are hidden in the back as shown above

Step 3: Trim excess + finishing touches
Now go ahead and take your scissors, cutting the excess yarn off your top knot. Try to cut off as much as possible. Flip your embroidery hoop over and make sure that all your knots are arranged in the back. If you have any unsightly wrinkles in your yarn go ahead and grab a straightener, quickly and gently run it down your yarn strands to iron them out.

DIY Wall Decor

So that's it, now go hang and enjoy your piece and be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see! Xoxo


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