Tips for Tiny Living with your Significant Other

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When people find out that Drew and I live in a 33 foot travel trailer, often times their first response is, "wow if you guys can do that, you can do anything" or "you must be meant to be." Although I appreciate those comments, living in small quarters doesn't automatically mean we have a better relationship or an easier relationship than others. It just means we have to approach it differently. Living tiny has taught me that these 3 things are vital to any successful relationship.
  • Communication is key

Like in any strong relationship, communication is the key. Living tiny poses its own challenges compared to a traditional "sticks and bricks" home. It gets much messier, much quicker. Sometimes it can feel as if there are always things that need done or need put away. There isn't a lot of space to go blow off steam. There is, literally, no room for passive aggression. That's what makes communication so important. Make your feelings and emotions known rather than making your partner guess. I promise, being up front and honest about your wants and needs will make a world of difference.  

  • When in doubt, talk it out
When your home is less than 250 sq ft, there aren't many places to go when your significant other upsets you. Living in a small space forces you to talk it out rather than letting things linger. Overall, this has been a huge benefit to our relationship. Rather than storming off, we approach our frustrations head on. We hear one another out. We find a solution and we make up. Sounds simple right? I'm here to let you know, it's easier said than done. It takes a lot of work and patience from both ends. But in our past year of living in the RV I have found that Drew and I both have become so much better at confrontation and resolutions.
  • Alone time is okay
RV life has brought Drew and I closer than ever yet at the same time, has shown us the importance of alone time. We both love socializing but need time away to recharge. How we spend our "alone time" significantly differs. Drew enjoys binge watching TV series, watching movies or playing video games. I prefer podcasts, yoga, hiking or reading. The quiet calms me, while mindless entertainment calms him. This is part of why it is so vital for us to have our own separate alone time. Our relationship is healthier and stronger when we've each had a chance to recharge and enjoy some time to ourselves.

Living in small quarters with the one you love doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult. Whether you live in 250 or 2,500 sq ft place a strong emphasis on communication, talk through issues and give yourself alone time to rest and recharge. Your relationship will thank you for it.


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