DIY PVC Pipe Curtain Rods

If you know me, then you know I love a good DIY. I was shopping around for curtain rods both online and in store and was appalled at the pricing. Like, $30-50 for a single curtain rod. No thank you. I'd rather make my own and so I did. I loved this project because I got exactly what I wanted and was able to customize the look to suite my decor needs. 

PVC Piping, Spray Paint, Cabinet Knobs and Screw in Hooks

Initially I was going to use dowel rods however quickly realized they did not sell dowel rods at the length that I needed. I aimlessly strolled around Home Depot trying to come up with a better solution when I stumbled upon the PVC pipes. They are lighter in weight and come in more varieties of diameter and length than the wooden dowel rods so I got 1/2" PVC pipes and grabbed a sales associate who helped me trim them to size. 

I wanted black curtain rods so I grabbed some black spray paint. I prefer to use Rust-Oleum. You can pick any color to suite your decor needs. Apply according to manufacturers instructions and allow plenty of time for them to dry. 

Once your rods have fully dried, apply end pieces of your choice using a quality super glue, I always use gorilla glue gel. Apply one side at a time making sure to hold the knob tightly to the rod for 45-60 sec giving the glue ample time to adhere. I chose to go with a distressed "antique" silver cabinet knob for a more simple and elegant looking curtain rod. The beauty of this is you can pick a knob that best suites your decor style. The knobs are a great way to make a statement. 

To mount the curtain rods I used 3 black screw in hooks, one on each end and one in the middle for support. Be sure to purchase screw in hooks that will appropriately fit the width of your rod. Once you have placed the screw in hooks into the wall, place the left curtain panel on the rod and lower the rod into the left and middle hooks leaving the right side of the curtain rod unsecured. Then place the right curtain panel on the rod and lower the rod into the right hook. 

View of Large Back Window with DIY Curtain Rods and Window Treatments
Close Up View of DIY Curtain Rods and Window Treatments

And there you have it, an inexpensive, easy and perfectly styled curtain rod for you and your home. 

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Xoxo


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