Welcome to Elloree Inspired! I'm so happy that you're here! I'm Courtney and my fiancé Drew and I are traveling physical therapists currently living in our 33' travel trailer. 

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After graduation last August, we decided we weren't quite ready to settle down. We purchased a 2014 Forest River Salem travel trailer and dedicated every spare moment we had, between working part time and studying for boards, to transforming the RV into our very first home together. After 6 years spent in dorms and rental houses it was so exciting to have a place we could truly call, home. Even more special was that this very first home of ours was created by us and for us.  

Renovated RV Living room with Farmhouse Inspired Decor

We've since sold our first RV and purchased a brand new 2019 Salem back in March of this year. Rather than perform another full blown renovation, we needed to stick to more cosmetic changes and improvements in order to maintain our budget. I've loved the challenge of having to work with what we've got. It's inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, get more creative and perform more DIY projects.

I've always found joy in creating spaces that make me feel at home. It is my belief that a home is never truly complete, yet is an every changing self reflection of the season we are in. Just as we grow, evolve and change, so does our home. In high school, I'd move my bedroom furniture around monthly. I never found contentment in routine. Change, refreshed me and in it, I found joy. Being able to transform these tiny trailers has allowed me to explore a passion and level of creativity I had never been able to fully utilize.

Cozy Sofa with Throw Blanket and Throw Pillows, Plants and Textured Curtains
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Elloree Inspired was created to inspire others to curate a home that they love. Regardless of the size of your home or the budget that you have, everyone deserves to love the place they call home.